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You need this one because

  • It's a 4 stage HVLP spray system; it delivers aprx. 7psi

  • Quick easy spraying with

  • Low noise and

  • Includes hose, gun, 1 qt cup, paint strainer, viscosity cup, cleaning brush and manual

  • 2 year warranty

For Business or Home Use!

Spray Furniture or Cabinets and much, much, more.

HVLP systems have about a 90% transmission rate for material to substrate.  

For those that are new to this type of system you will need to give yourself some training time to get use to handling this equipment.  Just read you instruction booklet for additional pointers on how to operate it in a safe manner as you get to know your hvlp spray system.  Before long you'll be using it like a pro.

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